Jonathan Sobol

These are introductory workshops which will concentrate on the subject matter while learning to work with the king of digital painting apps, Procreate. Please contact me regarding your interest in a particular workshop.

The workshops are held on Friday through Sundays. We will concentrate on learning the Procreate app on the iPad. The workshop is aimed at shortening the learning curve on this very deep app while enjoying a relaxed, playful approach to painting.

The workshops hours are 10am to 4pm daily with an hour for lunch.

The workshop fee is $550.for the three days, not including hotels or meals. 

Contact me to receive an email listing details.

An iPad Painting process video:

Workshop Schedule for Spring,Summer 2017

  • Creature painting     May  26-28
  • Portrait painting,      June 9-11
  • Monster painting,     July 7-9

 iPad Painting workshops in beautiful Taos, NM.