I've found inspiration in Creature Design, Concept Design and, Fantasy Art, genres of film, video, and gaming.

Concentrating on the portrait aspect of the monster and grotesque heads, and the big environments of matte painting and concept design. This very enjoyable challenge allows my imagination and powers of observation to be exercised much to the benefit of my studio work.

iPad Painting using the Procreate app

All the paintings you find in the iPad galleries can be printed to order and sized to your chosen wall space.

Printed into aluminum using state-of-the-art technology, framed and ready to hang.
From 6" to 6 feet tall. Priced from $29. to $2900. Contact me for details. All purchases of my paintings are guaranteed. You may return them within seven days of receipt for a full refund minus shipping.

Price list

6" x 10"        $29.

40" x 60"      $1900.

30" x 40"      $1200.

24' x 20"      $980.

16" x 12"      $480.

Jonathan Sobol