Concept Design

Having been a painter of our world for many decades, I seem to have a well developed library of visual information to call upon when excersizing my imagination in these paintings. 'Lemon Tart' was my dessert one day and morphed into the image you see here. The blue wall is outside my studio. Barnstormer reflects a childhood fascination with biplanes and flying carpets. "Sprinting Through Time" is a comment on aging,  as is "Mirror, Mirror".

"Escalator" comes from musing about a creature that thrives on the energy fields in urban life. "Twilight Chat" is inspired by the local scene and the famous Ranchos de Taos church. "Strange Saloon" comes from a dinner I had at a restaurant, where the cook came out from the kitchen and peered eerily into the dining room in the exact pose I painted.

Jonathan Sobol