Jonathan Sobol

I’ve been painting in oils since I was 8 years old. It’s what I’ve done for many decades. I grew up among artists and musicians and was fortunate to have been mentored by Fauvists, Avantgardists, Academicians, Portrait Painters, Modernists, Abstract Expressionists, sculptors and printers. My Art life began in my earliest years and exposure to all the genres and their practitioners has had a lasting effect on my work. My appreciation for the artists visual experience is very broad and I like to work in several genres. Each has a different emotional signature both for the artist and the beholder.

Art Training

Student of the Artists of Safed, Israel
Art Academy of Jerusalem – Bezalel                         John Howard Sanden. NYC, portraiture
Member, Portrait Club of New York
Member, Glass Art Society,G.A.S.

About the Artist